Agronomy - Malda KVK
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya
Ratua, Malda

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  • Black gram: 201.0 Q.
  • Lentil: 80.0 Q.
  • Bengalgram: 40.0 Q.
Agronomy is integration of many sciences, and collaborations among many diverse fields, including soil, plant, and weed sciences, as well as the disciplines such as ecology, entomology, climatology, and economics. Effective crop production methods are grounded in scientific research and thus are by nature continually evolving and improving. Agronomy section of Malda KVK conduct so many OFT, FLD TRAINING programmes for benefit of the farmers
OFT: Agronomy section Malda KVK conducted 08 no. of OFT as a part of location specific problem solving research on short term adaptive trial basis at different villages of Malda district.
FLD: Front Line Demonstration or FLD means the demonstration of newly released proven and economically viable technologies in the farmers’ field with a view to increase the productivity of the crop before being fed into the main extension system. KVK Malda since its inception conducted FLD on major field crops like Jute, Lentil, Mustard, Black gram, Paddy, Wheat, Maize.
The different technology introduced by agronomy section of Malda KVK are given bellow-
a) Varietal evaluation:
The varieties used by the farmers were local varieties, the production was very poor. Agronomy section , the varieties of major field crops were completely replaced. In case of black gram, local cultivars was replaced by WBU-108 (Saroda), PU-30 (Uttara); B9 variety of Mustard by NC-1, Panchali, and UP 262 of wheat crop by PBW-343/ DBW-39 and in case of lentil introduced ‘Moitree” for the farming community.
b) Water saving paddy cultivation through SRI Technique:
Krishi Vigyan Kendra Malda introduced paddy cultivation by System of Rice Intensification or SRI techniques on small scale basis. Now, day by day more areas are being covered for paddy cultivation by this technique.
c) Labor saving paddy cultivation using Drum Seeder :
Use of Drum Seeder for paddy cultivation was first introduced by Malda KVK. Preparation of seedlings does not require to be produced. Seed requirement is less as compared to traditional method.
d) Resource Conservation Technology for wheat & jute cultivation :
In Malda, it is seen that sufficient moisture is available after harvesting of black gram. For effective utilization of this resource, wheat is cultivated by zero tillage technology. Malda Krishi Vigyan Kendra is the pioneer of introducing zero tillage cultivation of wheat using zero tillage machines. The benefit of this technology includes saving of fossil and fuel, irrigation water, improve soil health, reduces cost of cultivation and increase in production.
e) Low cost vermin compost preparation using vermibag :
It has been observed that permanent structure vermin compost unit is most of the damaged during the incidence of recurrent flood. Therefore, the farmers of diara and tal region is recommended to produce vermin compost using vermin bag. The advantage of this technology is that vermin bag is portable and can be replaced at the time of flood. The production is mostly used in vegetable fields.
is a planned communication process that includes the transfer of improved information related to technology for enhancing productivity of the various enterprises. Since inception of the KVK, training is given immense importance for human resource development. Under the KVK system training is being imparted to Practicing Farmers, Farm Women , Rural Youth and Grass-root level Extension Functionaries in relation to strengthening knowledge, developed attitude and acquired skills in handling the technologies more effectively and correctly so that the desired changes can be occurred, productivity can be enhanced. Agronomy section of Malda KVK organized no. of training programmes for rural youth and SHGs for entrepreneurship development for income generation. Emphasis is given on preparation of vermiculture, azolla production.